Jun. 15th, 2009


Jun. 15th, 2009 05:03 pm
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Other than obsessing about lack of sex my other ongoing obsession that I have a bit more control over is my hair.

No one likes it long or no one is behind me for growing it out.

I want-----> www.haircutshairstyles.com/jennifer_aniston_long_straight_hairstyle-200.shtml
 My hair is naturally curly/wavy so this style would require constant straightening. Am I taking up Maryann's neurotic hair love? Yes I admit I don't need to go that road.  My hair is just below shoulder length at the moment. I found some great stuff it is Fructis Style Smoothing Milk. It has done wonders for my hair. I love how sleek it feels though I admit I took an iron to it too. Am I too old for beautiful long hair? And why do my family react negatively to it.  I don't understand at all. They hated it short.
As it grows longer I'll take pictures.

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Each week in my sociology of gender class we have an assignment to turn in online. This week's assignment is a movie review.  She doesn't give us a list of movies but notes that it should be clean with an exclamation point. Now I don't know the idiot that would have chosen porn or whatever but her specifying that it shouldn't be beyond "Fried Green Tomatoes" is what?? She can't handle real indept looks at society.   L L L Lame. First of all, it is not for class discussion but for her eyes only. Is she saying anything but a G movie would offend her. Geez.

I know just shut up and do it.  Get the grade.


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