May. 17th, 2009

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Welcome Kittcha and GradualMomentum. You guys really got creative with the username there. : )

Just kidding you.
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Today was the blessing of the animals sermon at UU. I made a special effort to get up and have decent clothes to go. I left Aaron and Maryann at home because Maryann was moving at a snails pace and it became obvious if I didn't leave her I would miss out.

The speaker was a college professor and she has ten animals in her home. She does the local pet rescue. She made a case for going vegetarian. I liked her. All of the UU women are little tiny, it can be intimidating. Everyone was in shorts and had no makeup on. I often don't go because I don't have a decent shirt to wear the one time I get that going for me get up in time to go and it is the equivalent of dressed down Friday going on.

So then they started the actual blessings and each pet owner gave a little "story" about their dog or whatever. There was a duck and three chickens in attendance. Every dog had this heroic story. All of them had come from a rescue or the local pound. I was the only one with a purebred dog! Ha. I felt like an ass. I found myself stuttering some excuse about not having a yard to add more.

That is the thing about UU. Its a culture clash for me coming from very uptight self-righteous southern baptists with a couple of years going to a mormon church. There is a certain culture to any church. I often don't feel like I fit in there even though my beliefs fit in with the UU's better than any other church out there. They are great people though and very friendly.

Tulip however was not her friendly self from the start she seemed scared to death. We all know she normally roles over in subservient position but she was worse than that totally scared and clinging to me for dear life. I ended up carrying her around like a baby. I don't know what was up about that.
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When I named this blog I thought I was naming it after this song but I was wrong this song is called "I eat dinner" and it is a duet between Rufus Wainwright and Dido. It was on the Bridget Jones Diary Cd. I didn't buy this one but found it accidentally on youtube. The point is dinner at eight is not the song that goes with the song I had in mind but I still like the username so I'll keep it.

I wanted to share.


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