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I keep waking up at ungodly hours convinced that it is time to wake up.

OK folks I am making a pact to stay off the computer until Sunday.

Can I do it? Horse whip me if you see me online between here and there!

I'm having lunch with my mom today. My aunt is out of town. She's having a bad bad time. Her ex daughter in law has decided that she is forbidding her to see her grandchildren. It has broken her heart and she's in a state of deep sadness. How can this woman be so crue?. Her son had bought his daughter a cell phone that had his and his mom (my aunt's) numbers in it so that she could call them all of the time without having to have her mom's permission. Well the mother threw the phone at the wall and has forbidden her daughter to call without her there. When it is the father's time for visititation she has her daughter call and say that she's sick and not feeling well. One time she had her say she plain out didn't want to visit him. The real shame though is that my cousin runs a restuarant business and is very busy and he is now just not using all of his parental weekends. In the past before the mom banned  my aunt. My aunt was driving across state and spending those weekends with the children herself. She has her house in Atlanta where the kids have their own designer bedrooms. She's even talking about selling the house now..

She has a friend in hospice that is dying. He's expected to pass at any moment. She has been seeing him daily. She has been giving me the details of people she is meeting in hospice. Its so disturbing and sad, non of these people are above age 50!

Then on top of that her daughter who is my age is having marital problems she has been going to see her in TN.

Her niece's husband is obese ( I mean truly obese such as doesn't leave the house unless to go to the mayo clinic). His body is breaking down and he's more or less dying also. His liver is so bad that he's on a transplant list and they don't expect him to make it.

Though his situation is so bad yet that he's not in hospice care or anything like that, but her niece and her husband have 7 kids! One a baby! How do you leave a wife with seven kids? Craziness. Get this, they went on welfare and they are holy rollers. They don't send their chldren to school because they think they are being taughter secular values but yet they have 7 children living off of welfare. Anyway I've wanted to write a long post about her forever because I have these discussions with her all of the time. Most of these discussions are about these people that are dying.  It really has impacted my own life even though I don't know them personally.

Alright now Sunday now. Hold me to it.
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