Aug. 20th, 2009

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First I would like to thank Tulip for waking me up at 5:30. It was just the right hour to wake me up too early. Even though it was too early I couldn't simply go back to sleep because I should wake up at 6:30 and that meant I could possibly oversleep. Thank you Tulip for making me miss an hour of sleep.

I have a dentist appmt. I haven't been in ages. Dennis doesn't have me on health insurance but found it in his heart to put me on dental. He assures me the health coverage sucks anyway and that I wouldn't want it.

Anyway, I think i have a couple of large problems and I'm dreading this awful.

I have classes right after with a quiz. My spanish prof saw fit to tell us we'd have a quiz on the second day of class and I've been sick all week. To the point that I've been pretty useless. I still feel bad and wonder if I should have rescheduled my dentist appmt. I'm better generally speaking but have sinus drainage sliding down my throat.

More facebook chat. No I wouldn;t tell this except I think it is funny.

Aaron is only 11 years old. The age for facebook is 13. He went online last night and made himself an account. With Maryann we had sat down together and created her account. From the get go I made her believe that she could only have one at all if I were monitoring it. So Aaron sits down last night and makes an account (he had to lie about his age),. I came in and looked at it. I told him he needed to add me and he says NO! He doesn't want any adults on his account. Maryann has her grandfather and aunts and all kinds of adults.

Aaron looks at me like I'm crazy and says,, "wouldn't that be awkard?"

So poor Maryann got the shaft with privacy because Aaron has insisted on it. Of course, I have Aaron's password because he uses the same one on everything. I don't worry as much with him is that a sexist notion?

I have to go study now.


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