Aug. 13th, 2009

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So many things disturb me about the health care debate. One that so many people are willing to believe some truly crazy stuff just because someone else out there just threw it out unto the airwaves. Do you believe just any old thing?

Obama needs to be clearer and he needs to lay out some specifics. As I am understanding it there are three bills up for consideration. When congress goes back after their break they are going to reconcile the differences and continue to nail it down to one bill. Sure it needs to be spelled out in bold letters. Here is the thing, I think the whole debate has gone south. We'll know nothing and get even less because politicians are a bunch of cowards anyway. What we get out of this in the end, I am predicting, is them saying well we'll just cut some of the red tape involved and that will save money. No major overhaul. No insuring the uninsured, just what they call "cutting costs". Which is politician speak for the same system just a litte tweaked.

I'm really saddened that so many people don't think that having millions of people uninsured is a huge problem.

I'm saddened that I don't see more pro health reform protesters. A lot of people voted for Obama on health care alone. Where is everyone?

I'm saddened that people don't see that insurance companies themselves are a "death panel". If you don't have a good policy or you have no policy, what do you think happens? Medicaid doesn't pay for many services, they let you die. Insurance companies do everything they can to get out of paying for services, so if there will be losses, they'll let you die. 

Hard working people don't have insurance. There are different types of occupations. If you are in an industry/career where health care is not being cut, how can you look around you at those that have had that happen and say, "I work for my insurance, they should to".  Define work.

Mostly, I am sickened at  our society in the U.S and our collective attitude on the poor and the working class poor. It all comes down to Reagan years ago talking about a welfare queen. We live in what we proclaim to be the most righteous and religious of all nations. "A beacon on the hill" but yet we have very outdated highly political ideas about the poor.

How many times do I hear in debate, "I don't want my tax dollars going to those that have never worked a day in their life".  I hear it not from one person but I hear it and read it over and over again.

Apparently, this whole nation are unaware of the fact that one can work 50 hours a week and barely make it by. That most of us that are above that level had some kind of fortune in our lives. It might have been good health, supportive responsible parents,  intelligence, or any number of things. These things yes are fortune!! How many women will lecture  me that their husbands work hard for what they have or that they do themselves, seeminly unaware that they or their husbands had to be in good health, had decent intelligence, had enough emotional intelligence to make it by. And yes he or she might have worked, but they had at least some of these factors going for them. Not everyone has that and not everyone starts off in life from the same starting position.

I would be living in the street right now if it was not for my parents. I don't work because I am holding out for my education. Yes, I could quit and work at a  video store. Do you see the logic here? To get to Point A to Point B takes time and money. Some people don't have the very basics to get to Point A to Point B.  Or maybe it can be done and they will do it, but they are not quite there yet (like me).  The name of the game is to work smarter not harder. Manual labor is very much work. Working at Walmart is work.  I'm looking at the forest of the argument though and not the details. My meaning here is that people are willingly ignorant of the working class poor.  Or they have a sense of self-righteousness that in itself built on false notions.

All things that any individual can do to better themselves takes time and secondly, a base amount of resources.

To pull yourself up by the bootstraps one must at least have boot straps.

The most important boot straps I can think of is health.


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