May. 20th, 2009

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This morning I turned off the old computer or what has become the children's computer. When I turned it on this afternoon it will not boot up. The screen is black and there is only a white blinking cursor.  I don't know or remember how to boot up in safe mode. Nothing at all is coming up. I have my laptop so I'm not screwed with school but Maryann has her community she helps mod and she enjoys the computer lots. Plus, if the old one is down they are going to be begging to use mine which stresses me because I only visit about four sites and I have everything set up the way I want. When I was talking to the computer repair place they were telling me kids have a knack for picking up bad stuff because they go all over the net looking for games.  I don't want them on my laptop because I need it to last as long as possible. If they start getting on mine I guarantee I'll start having problems on here.

Anyway have some suggestions?
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Nevermind. Aaron's jump drive was plugged in. I took it out of the usb port and magically the computer started up. I still think there is something bad wrong with the computer and every day its a day closer to its death. Its a 2004 model. I only want it to keep kicking around so that the children stay off of mine. I have a chapter test tomorrow in spanish and school started Monday.

Whoa.  Good thing I just took this class I don't know two weeks ago. : )


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