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I don't have the energy to explain. I mean I've explained to Christine who is on my friend's list. I have fallen in love with a dog. Yes, a dog. Commit me now to the insane asylum.

I mean even I find myself feeling like I have lost touch with reality.

Here is a picture.   No wait, I'm not going to post. He was in a kill shelter. I despaired on his behalf. A rescue organization picked him up but he's behind bars still. I mean he's not just sweet, hes sooo sweet.

I've sunk so low as to ask mom if he could be a christmas present which is a low because she does so much for me that it is obscene. The adult in me says, "dude that is wrong"

The thing is that we have planned on getting the children both netbooks for Christmas. We'll need new tree stuff and our personal needs are a mile long. So I don't know.

Have you found yourself in a spot where you know you are being unreasonable and nuts about something but you plow ahead anyway with your feelings.

Maybe I'm trying to replace my emptiness with another living thing that needs me. It could be that simple.

Oh but he's so sweet.

Well must move on.

Tulip is delicate like that. She's not a robust stock dachshund.

Thanks for the shout out invisionary. I honestly didn't think anyone was reading but Christine.

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