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Maryann.  In the beginning of the school year she liked this boy. They supposedly were "going out" which is 13-speak for just saying you are supposed to be exclusive.  The boy called it off and it broke her heart. She poured tears, and it broke my heart. Then the same boy and his brother prank called our house leaving a message that read.

Maryann I'm tired of you fucking not returning my calls. You whore. You slut.

I called his parents and they brought him and his brother over to apologize. I told the boy never to call my house again. Then, school got back in and she started mentioning his name casually.  Well.. apparently they are supposed to be "going out" again except it must not be going well. A friend of hers has told her that he's flirting with her.

She's being all secretive with me about it though because I've explicitly made it clear that I'm not pleased.  I'm not pleased at all. First, I know they really aren't dating so my concern is surface level but it is the implications there. Here is a boy that has treated her badly, he first broke off their exclusiveness not by even telling her personally but having some random kid do it for him, then the prank call, now this... She told me way before this stuff happened that he bragged that "he likes to break up with girls". What upsets me though is that she's taken him back, even if its this superficial not really dating game they are playing.  That really pains me. As a woman that put up with abuse for so long I really really hate her even remotely no matter how innocent enough it seems allowing a boy treat her this way. 

Make no mistake the boy is not even cute. When he came over to our house I was shocked. I was expecting a cute boy. He's not even remotely cute he's ugly. He's all junior red neck in training-ish.  There is nothing to the boy. Maryann is so trendy and vanity and she's taking this kind of treatment from this boy that really looks non too bright and not even good looking. I'm really saddened. He's not her type. Of course, I'm her mom and I guess the cliche phrase would be no one is good enough for mama's baby. But really folks, this little kid doesn't have much going for him. Let's not forget the evidence in that he called my house and left a message calling her a whore.

I'm really put out with Maryann over this. She should have more pride. Maryann is a pretty girl and she's smart as a whip.  She can do much better. She's going for the first kid to show her attention. Why does that scare me? I did the same thing my self confidence was low.  They are not actually dating being so young there is nothing that I can do really. I can't forbid her talking to him at school. It doesn't bod well.

School has got me whipped. I'm really pissed. Pissed about everything. You don't want to get me going! I have a horrible aura going.

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