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Tulip has a couple of new friends. Minnie and Barney. They live in a posh house a couple of streets over. Tulip is quite smitten with Barney, a standard, stocky, dark, and handsome young man. Minnie is in dog therapy for not making friends (she is threatened easily).  But now, boy now, she wants to go outside to take a walk in anticipation that dear Barney might be out there. As far as I can see his mommy walks them in the mornings. But that does not stop her from begging to go for a walk now at every turn.

Tulip. Chill Out. Don't look too eager. Play it cool.

Then Maryann and a friend from school have figured out that they live within eyeball distance of each other. She's gone now to play.  She'll be back in an hour. That leaves me and Aaron the loners. I've been working in the back yard. I have a temporary solution for our fence problem. I bought a rake and am turning over the dirt.  The dogs that lived here killed the grass and the dirt is hard. Just a few feet a way the woman in the duplex beside us has great green grass to envy. So I know it can be done. There is only a fence between us after all. There was great grass here too I bet just that those awful tenants killed it. If there was grass out there once for sure we can get some again.

I bought a bike this morning but the thing is too tall. Seriously, I'm too short for a 26 inch bike. I'm really grieved over it now because God was it ever a pain in the ass getting it home and now I have to drag that big thing into Wally World for a refund.  Mom has this really weird attitude about me buying a bike she keeps this "why in the world would you do that, you can't ride a bike" attitude. Honestly, I love my mom, she does so much for me, but at the same time my mom can be really really weird. I see women my age riding bikes all of the time she acts like it is a kid's activity. Mom hasn't been out and about in the world much.  It is a little embarrassing at times. The really sad thing though is that Maryann looked outside this morning and saw the bike and thought I had bought her a bike. Psych!  Then I had to tell her that not only is it not hers but even I am not keeping it.  Though if I can find a smaller fitting one that is a cruiser and not a ten speed I will replace it and also, she can use it if she wants.
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