Jun. 2nd, 2009

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No pun intended.

Reality has sunk in. I can't afford another doxie. As much as I want one. As much as I think Tulip would love to have a companion. She'll have to remain an only child. Or the youngest child of the family.  Vet bill was almost $200. Though she got every shot and medicine known to dogs. She's all caught up and also got some Advantix ( that shit is EXpensive).  I like advantix because it includes mosquito protection.


The good thing is we tested her for heart worms because she had missed a couple of months of heartworm medicine and everything came out negative.  Yay! Also, everyone remembered her and there was a "oh look its Tulip, hi honey". :   )  I like our vet she is very personable even though she's the only doctor in the practice and its very hard to get appointments.  Her and her husband have another larger building and practice across town but she does her own in this building. Kind of complicated. She works and co owns both clinics but this one that Tulip goes to is exclusively her own.   Like you care.. .right.... TMI.

But even though the money hurt I'm so glad she walked away with a clean bill of health.  I have to accept that double that with another dog is plainly undoable.

I'm a little heart broken at the moment.


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