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well well well
its been quite a day

first my daughter ran away from home this morning
the first time she's done that

gave me a heart attack
she walked to my mom's which is across town and down a ways

when my mom found her there was tears and drama
and me getting on the phone to tell her that I was going to kill her
once i found out she was ok then i really got pissed

then later she tells me  all this drama that happened at that party she went to
she ran a golf cart into a tree
apparently they were riding around at midnight in the boonies on a golf cart with her driving
the girls got mad at her
she was traumatized
not that it is an excuse to come home and abuse us so she's grounded
and her computer priviledges taken away
and the phone too

after all that well then i had to wash clothes
we don't have a washer and dryer yet but are supposed to get one here early in the week

Friday she came home with her Palin glasses broke which really pisses me off because i paid that out of pocket. They were about $250.

Now she's saying that she's lost the broken parts and I don't believe her. 
dishonesty aside, should I consider contacts
I mean if she's going to start purposely breaking and losing them should we just go another route

in a way I like the idea but have a mental picture of us crawling around on the floor looking for a lense

What do you think? Can a 13 year old keep up with contact lenses?
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